Our Story


Brad and Erin Durden both grew up in Westminster Maryland. Erin was involved in soccer and track during her high school and college days. Brad excelled in Football and Lacrosse. Once their college playing days were behind them, they both found it difficult to stay in the shape they were once in. While living in Augusta Georgia Brad stumbled across CrossFit and starting working out with his brother and a couple of buddies. In no time Brad was seeing results. Not only was he slimming down, but he was noticing the relationships that he was building through the community of CrossFit. It, without a doubt changed his life.


Brad and Erin moved back home to Westminster in 2013. Brads vision was to one day change lives through CrossFit the way CrossFit changed his, here in his home town. With Erin by his side supporting his dream, they decided to trust in the Lord and follow through with making this dream a reality.


Brad and Erin have two children; Tripp & Brinn. As they raise their family, they continue to grow a strong knit community of athletes all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. With Jesus as the forefront of their vision and passion, they hope to spread His Word of Grace, Humility, Strength and Self Worth, through the channel of CrossFit Iron Hammer.


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