Grace Harman

"I finally decided to take my physical and mental health seriously"

Grace Harman

Today marks 12 months here at CFIH. In my first year I’ve lost 72lbs. I’ve gone to 265 classes and have been on the committed club board 10 months straight. 5 of those months I was at the top. I’ve hit countless PRs, and already crossed off one of my goals this year (rx a workout). I competed in my first CrossFit Open, and completed a couple Hero workouts including Murph. These are things I would have never done before. EVER! I’ve met so many people here who do nothing but encourage me and make me feel so good about myself. All of this because of one decision to stop listening to other people and take my physical/mental health seriously – My life has completely changed for the better. Thank you to everyone at the gym, but especially to Erin and Brad for being my biggest supporters. Everything I’ve accomplished would not have been possible without you. I can not thank you both enough for everything you have done for me, and I am incredibly grateful.

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