Group Classes

Athletes will move through 1 hour of fitness. From warm up to cool down, our certified coaches will lead the class from beginning to end. Here, we focus on constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity. This is where change! Come join us and see where your fitness journey will take you.

CrossFit Masters


Group Classes for ages 50+ only

Same as our regular CrossFit program, just in the comfort of your age group. Athletes ages 50+ will work on everyday functional fitness to gain strength, independence, and endurance for an easier life. Certified Coach lead every step of the hour. This program is strictly offered 4x week. If you choose to do an unlimited program, you can sign up for our unlimited membership and are still able to join Masters classes.

CrossFit Kids Summer Series


Build strength and agility that will transfer to the field

During this 6 week course, young athletes will learn foundational movements, build strength, endurance, and agility in a fun and safe atmosphere. We will stress the importance of proper form, nutrition, and mindset in order to set athletes up for a successful season. Whether it's a sport, or just life in general. CrossFit helps the human body and mind in so many difference ways. This program creates humility, self confidence, mind and body power.

CrossFit Kids Home School


Building strength and agility through constantly varied functional movements

Every Thursday 2pm during the school year, we welcome our local home school students to a full hour of wellness. We touch on foods that fuel and hinder our bodies, what good choices look like, and move into the workout of the day. Our goal is to teach children at a young age, the importance of wellness and to make great choices (physically and emotionally) to set them up for a successful future.