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Dynamic Warm Up 6 (No Measure)

Row 350m m Or 300m Run

Plank 30 sec

Side Plank 30 sec E/S

High plank w/ arm reach 15 sec each arm

High Plank w/ leg lift 15 sec each leg

Dynamic Side plank x10

Plank with knee to opposite elbow x10

Glute bridge with leg raises x10

Kneeling KB Press x10 e/s (light)

Goblet Squat x10


Shoulder Press (5×6 Work to a Heavy 6 rep)

8 Barbell Curls btw sets (work to a heavy weight)


Metcon (Time)

15 Min Time Cap

Cash in- 600m Run


Front Squat 135/95

Toes 2 Bar

Cash Out- 600m Run

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