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Group classes led by a certified coach

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CrossFit Masters

CrossFit Masters

Specific programming for ages 50 and up

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Home School CrossFit

Home School CrossFit

CrossFit Home School

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CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids


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Courageous Class

Courageous Class

CrossFit Program for Special Need Adults

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Open Gym

Open Gym

Access our equipment and workout at your own pace.

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Personal Training

Personal Training

1-on-1 with a certified coach

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It is often said that your fitness level is 20% your activity and 80% the things you put in your mouth.

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  • I am able to wear a 2 piece swimsuit, and I am comfortable with my body.

    Before I joined CFIH, I reached 230 pounds. One day I saw an advertisement for a 6 week challenge at CFIH. The first day of the 6 week program was a chal

    alicia battle
  • I’m sleeping better, eating better, stronger then ever and love the changes I’m seeing in my body.

    Before joining CFIH I started gaining weight after college even with frequent trips to the gym. I would go and do some lifting, some cardio, and piddle aro

    becca debaugh
  • So much better at age 36

    Left: Age 28, 133lbs, poor diet, runner and interval training. Right: Age 36, after two children, Whole30Diet and CrossFit!

    taren drechsler
  • The atmosphere is amazing and people hold you accountable

    I joined crossfit after hitting 300lbs on the scale. I was nervous, but Crossfit unleashed my competitive nature and pushed me to work harder and become st

    brian roche
  • I lost 26 pounds in 6 weeks!

    Charlotte became a member through our 6 week challenge program! She stayed consistent with 3x a week during the whole program and came out on top! Charlott

    charlotte griffin
  • I am much more confident and just healthier mentally

    I walked into CrossFit Iron Hammer having no CrossFit experience at all. I was an out of shape college athlete looking to gain some strength back and lose

    chelsea rumbaugh
  • I learn a little more about myself and what I can achieve if I put my mind to it.

    I am not sure how I can accurately put into words how much finding CFIH has changed my life. I think what stands out more to me than anything is that every

    chuck fusco
  • ....I had been trying to put on healthy weight all through college without any success

    Overall my time at Crossfit iron hammer has been amazing. I have improved in every aspect of lifting. I am now able to do many Olympic movements that prior

    cody dorsey
  • ...I don't shy away from the camera

    I wish I had a before picture, but always hated myself and would not take pictures with me in them. I still have a belly to go, but see such a wonderful di

    debbi gosnell
  • I finally decided to take my physical and mental health seriously

    Today marks 12 months here at CFIH. In my first year I've lost 72lbs. I've gone to 265 classes and have been on the committed club board 10 months straight

    grace harman
  • I succeeded at loosing 42lbs!

    Well, I joined CrossFit Iron Hammer about 6 and 1/2 months ago. The goal was to lose 53 pounds by the end of the year. I succeeded at loosing 42. So, while

    jack fine
  • Being apart of this community has really been life changing for me

    Being apart of this community has really been life changing for me and my wife. Seeing my results, my Dr. became very interested in what I was doing. I sha

    jeff and jodi jones
  • I notice my body is more prepared for the physical demands of every day life

    I had been going to a regular gym for the past 12 years and I started getting sick of the same old routine week after week. My wife kept telling me to join

  • I am stronger, fitter and healthier than I have been in my entire life –

    I recently celebrated my 1 year anniversary with CrossFit Iron Hammer. I am in my mid-40s and had never done anything remotely like this before. In fact, w

    mark blacksten
  • ...we will never go back to a regular gym!

    We always had typical gym memberships and would dread going because of the same monotonous workouts. Cardio for maybe 30 minutes then lift or stretch. Afte

    matt and meghan cahill
  • I want to build and protect this vessel that will carry me through my golden years.

    I'm seeing changes in my body that make me smile. At 50, Im enjoying exercise and pushing my limits. When I started, I felt the tension of exercising with

    jason collins
  • For those who say they can't do it, I was once like you.

    For those who say they can't do it. I was once like you. I'm still very hard on myself and how I let myself go. It's a constant struggle with body dysmorph

    billy knouse
  • I didn’t know it at the time but making the switch to CrossFit was the best thing I could have done for myself.

    Before CrossFit, I was literally doing an hour of cardio followed by an hour of lifting and seeing NO results for months. I love working out but it’s dis

    taylor ortiz

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